Five easy eye care tips for seniors

Dr Kris Rallah-Baker

 Keeping your eyes in good health is important at all stages of life but even more so in senior years. While some vision changes are inevitable, there are several things seniors can do today to ensure they see clearly in the future.

1. Eat Well

Certain foods are good for eyes, so why not eat more of them? We know taking care of our diet can help manage and prevent complications from health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure – but it’s also great for protecting our eyes.

Great choices to boost eye health include dark leafy green vegetables, avocadoes, sweet potatoes and fatty fish including salmon, tuna and mackerel, sweet potatoes.

2. Stay Fit

Overall fitness is important for all health conditions and all ages. Getting the blood flowing everyday with some light exercise will assist your eye health. It is also important for seniors with health conditions that can affect their eyes such as diabetes.

3. Give Your Eyes a Rest

Technology is wonderful and allows many seniors to stay connected with loved ones or enjoy entertainment. However looking at bright screens for prolonged periods of time can cause eye strain. It is recommended to take a 30 second break every 20 minutes to give your eyes a chance to relax.

4. Use Ample Light Indoors

It is important to use appropriate lighting to keep your eyes in good health. Low mood lighting may create a nice atmosphere but it can also cause additional strain on eyes. It is recommended to try and keep rooms well-lit if you read often or watch a lot of TV. This will help your eyes focus and greatly reduce eye strain.

5. The biggest tip for Successful Eye Health is to be Proactive

Eyesight changes as we get older but there are many ways you can practice healthy habits to help keep your vision as clear as possible. A combination of exercise, a healthy diet, and positive lifestyle changes can prolong the health of your eyes.

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