Hearing help in retirement

Tips for hearing well in retirement.

By Lisa Burley

 Hearing Loss generally creeps up on you, rarely do you wake up with a hearing loss (if you do that requires urgent attention but is a subject for a different article). Untreated hearing loss has been directly connected to many other health issues as well as the social isolation it can create. The first step is to have a hearing assessment performed.

These days we see a lot of activity in the hearing aid space, with shops popping up in retail environments, it can be confusing, and some places will take advantage of that confusion. Some of them will only offer you one brand of hearing aid because they are owned by a hearing aid manufacturer.Hearing loss is a medical situation not a retail one. Having a qualified hearing rehabilitation specialist who can determine the cause and degree of any loss is critical.

Australia is very lucky to have a world leading system to deliver fully funded services to Pensioners and Veterans, the Hearing Services Program. The program delivers the full range of testing and if required high quality fully funded digital hearing devices. Unfortunately not all providers will tell you of these aids.

One of the critical aspects of getting good results is the relationship you build with the clinician who assesses your hearing and makes recommendations based upon need and not the cost factor. Someone who understands your needs and listens to you is essential. You have to feel comfortable.

The Six simple rules for getting better hearing:

1. Find a local, Independent, Australian owned clinic. ASK!

2. Always get a second opinion, do not be bullied into making a hasty decision. It is your hearing and your choice!

3. Always get a trial period on a fitting, 30 days is best. Even with free devices. The devices have to work in your world not the shop.

4. Take your spouse or family member to the appointment. Take your time.

5. More expensive doesn’t mean better, if it sounds overly expensive, it probably is! Remember, if you are on a pension there will be an effective free device available. Always ask.

6. If the device you are looking at doesn’t offer Bluetooth connectivity, ask. The extra connectivity will be worth it.

Lisa Burley is the Senior Hearing Rehabilitation Specialist at Hear4Good in Golden Beach. Hear4Good is locally owned, completely Independent and proudly Australian. Ph 54770144 www.hear4good.com.au

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