Socialising in retirement


Retirement can be exciting – coming to the end of your working career with a calendar now open for relaxation and enjoyment is a time many people look forward to during younger years.

But the prospect of retirement can also be daunting. Some new retirees worry that their days will have less purpose now that they’re not at work, that they’ll be bored, or that they’ll miss the social connection they had with their co-workers or clients. These concerns are just as legitimate as the excitement of winding up work. Forming social connections during retirement is important, as it provides a sense of friendship and support for retirees.

Healthy relationships are necessary at every age, but the importance of socialising for retirees cannot be overemphasised. Regular social interactions can help keep retirees mentally, physically and emotionally healthy, whilst fending off difficulties inherent to loneliness.

There are also many ways that socialising can help improve both our cognitive and physical health. These include:

• Reduced stress. Retirees who are socially active tend to handle stress better. This leads to improving their cardiovascular health and immune system.

• Longer lifespan. High levels of socialising can help increase longevity.

• More fitness. Retirees with diverse social connections are more likely to exercise regularly. This can lead to a myriad of physical, mental and cognitive benefits.

• Reduced risk of depression. Consistent socialising reduces the likelihood of retirees experiencing depression caused by loneliness.

• Less anxiety. Similar to depression, retirees who socialise more experience less symptoms of anxiety.

• Greater self-esteem. Socialising helps retirees be better engaged, growing their confidence and sense of worth.

As these health benefits contribute towards significantly improving the quality of life for many retirees, it is important to find an appropriate way of maintaining a healthy social life.

Joining a social Club like Probus provides retirees the opportunity to socialise with likeminded people in their local communities. There are over 140 Probus Clubs across Queensland where retirees can be involved in a range of exciting activities and listen to interesting guest speakers. Experience all the Fun, Friendship and Fellowship by visiting a Probus Club near you.

You can find out more about Probus in Queensland by visiting the Probus Association of Queensland web site – or by calling 0477 645 645 or 0477 000 645 to find the Probus club near to you.

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