Normie and friends rock the J

Normie Rowe, Dinah Lee and Jade Hurley still rocking in their 70s and 80s.

By Tania Phillps

The J is set to host three Australian music legends, Normie Rowe, Dinah Lee and Jade Hurley.

The trio are bringing back the energy and excitement from the Wonder Years of the Sixties guaranteeing, according to one of the stars Normie Rowe, a night of great music and wonderful memories.

Normie, a heart throb of the 60s and a star of the stage and screen in the 80s, 90s and beyond, is an entertainer for the generations. Living on the Gold Coast-Tweed now, he is still entertaining and loving what he does at the age of 75.

This show, despite being disrupted by Covid lockdowns on occasion, lets him go back to the beginning a bit, working with other starts of the 60s.

“I got a call from Jade Hurley a few years ago saying why don’t we do some shows together,” he said.

“I was really not interested in just going to do shows in clubs and things like that, because I don’t think you get the support out of the club system that we use to have in the entertainment industry.

“We’d started working theatres all around Australia and I said as long as we’ve got a show big enough to do theatres and he said – oh theatres, ok.

“We asked Dinah Lee if she would be involved in it straight away because she’s sort of been lamenting. She lost her partner not all that long ago I guess she’d been sitting around and looking for something to do. With club land being so decimated as its been over the past 12-15 years, the places to work have dropped away. Working in theatres has become a really good way of getting out there if, indeed you can put a bum in a theatre.

“So, we started putting it together, we started to get some traction with theatres saying yeah we could do this show. We did the first run in South East Queensland, we did one show in Newcastle, that was a sell-out at the civic and we went oh gee, maybe we have something really good here.

“A lot of the shows we’ve been doing in the afternoon. We know our demographic is post war baby boomers and so consequently we gear it for them – not suggesting for one moment that it wouldn’t work for anybody else, a lot of people are bringing their kids, their grand kids and their great grand kids even. I got an email the other day – bloke is going to come to one of the concerts and he said I’m going to bring four generations.

“I had a comment from a young bloke at the end of one of the shows because we all have a meet and greet at the end of the show – sign autographs, have photos and have a chat to people, if they are interested to have a talk to us after it.

“This kid, 16-17, he came up to us afterwards and said oh man I have no idea who you guys are but you’re awesome.”

See Normie, Jade and Dinah, Tuesday 5 April, 2022 – The J Theatre, Noosa QLD – 2.00pm – Bookings: (07) 5329 6560

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