Pushing the envelope

Suncare customer, Barry Pittard.

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, by definition the phrase “pushing the envelope” is to

behave in a more extreme way or to try new things that have not been acceptable or tried before.

These words regularly sum up the actions of Suncare’s customer, Barry Pittard. 

The retired schoolteacher decided to take matters into his own hands after falling ill and receiving a

poor future health prognosis.

As Barry says: “Many times, little equals big. You need to take small steps, but regularly, in order to

achieve results. Like starting with one word, adding more words and making a song.  And it always

needs to be fun.”

When it comes to exercise, Barry suggests you be gentle on yourself.

“Start with moving a finger.  Run like a snail, but run.  And use your common sense – your body will

tell you what you can do next.  The secret is in doing it, not overdoing it.”   

Barry now attends the local gym four times a week and his health has improved substantially. 

Staying active and positive, Barry loves writing poetry, and with some success – his poem Ukraine

2022, was recently published. He has also rediscovered his singing voice and hopes to share his love

of music and his poetry at Retirement facilities in Mapleton and surrounds.  

Barry thrives on being independent, and while he likes to walk or catch the bus, he also enjoys the

social support and taxi vouchers he receives as part of his Suncare Home Care Package.

For more information on how Suncare can assist you, please contact them on 1800 786 227 or visit

their website at suncare.org.au.

A poem by Barry

These Kindly Ones Come.  Barry Pittard

These Kindly ones come.

Come from all nations.

They wave multicoloured hands.

They have kindly faces

These Kindly Ones sink,

Sink deep wells,

And from way down deep,

Sweetest water swells

Their lips smile and sing,

There a honey-flow of chanting.

It brings sweetness to this world.

Next thing the world dancing

These Kindly Ones are light,

Like rainbows and butterflies

That alight on new mothers

To teach them old lullabies:

Lullay, Lullay, Lullay

Lullu, Lullu, Lullu …

Do these kindly ones sing

To bring us to our senses?

Do they wish us to sing

Till all the world dances?

Till all the world sings

And all the world dances …

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